Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

On Entrepreneurship...

Interesting links on entrepreneurship:

Just read over a couple of interesting articles on entrepreneurship. Heres a short list (and a handy bookmark for myself).
  • 15 tips to be a successful entrepreneur
    Some general aspects of attitude, behaviour and outlook for entrepreneurs.

  • Nows the best time to start a business
    How is this recession time the best time to start a business..

    "History bears me out. When times are bad for the economy, it can be a great time to start a business. In fact, 16 of the 30 companies that make up the Dow industrial average were started during a recession or depression. These include Procter & Gamble, Disney, Alcoa, McDonald's, General Electric and Johnson & Johnson."

  • Thinking about starting your own biz?
    "People are attracted to the idea of owning their own small business for different reasons. You may crave the freedom and independence of being your own boss, have a business idea that keeps you up at night, want to make a lot of money or simply escape the nine-to-five job routine."

  • An inspiring chinese Story
    “You know, we were so hungry, people would take it home any wildlife to eat. You see, we were very poor. I mean –he paused- my grandparents were rich, they had a summer home, and a small brick factory, but after the revolution they lost everything. Not only what they had physically. My parents had to work very hard, we were displaced. It was very difficult. Some of my relatives die of hunger. I realized I had to study very very hard to honor my parents. I finally got to go to University, in another state. We were so poor –he sighted- I only had two shirts in four years, can you imagine? I washed one and used the other one. You could almost see through the fabric when I finished.” "I'm so lucky"

  • Kiva: loosen your social entrepreneurship credit
    "I read a week of Wall Street Journals today. Lots of articles about worsening credit. The only lending I do is through so I've doubled the money I've channeled into the system. "
  • Campus Entrepreneurship - NYTimes

    “We’re really a dorm of dreamers and doers,” says Prinya Kovitchindachai, who is hoping to market a vile-tasting pill, imported from Thailand, that he touts as a hangover treatment. “College students are the largest group of binge drinkers,” he says, quietly gleeful at the prospect of such a large market so close at hand. Friends have helped him bone up on the basics of international shipping, of securing shelf space and — in a consultation with a neighbor who was wearing a towel and still dripping from the shower — of creating Web sites

Plan to currently network around before delving into something new... lets see how things turn out...

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