Thursday, 21 August, 2008

Annoying phone service SPAM

Theres a great deal of buzz going on around the importance of customer privacy and preventing spam calls to the extent that its a crime to do so, if the customer has expressly enforced it.

All this doesnt bother me, I just get occasional spam SMSes on my vodafone postpaid account. But then today, I happened to be in a meet for a couple of hours. And I was out of reach for the most part.
So when I finally get free and reconnect, I get 4 messages sayin I have a voicemail from +919764616724 . Again, wouldnt bother me, except that there were FOUR of them from the same number. So I dial up to receive the all important message, and after going through half a minute of typing in the mobile number and the security code, I am greeted with a recording that plays the crappiest bollywood song I have ever heard.

Yeah... I know. I had already stored the number as a spam so I can recognize it whenever I get such a crappy call. But now, the smart asses at vodafone decide to change the source number for every such ad-call. But recently I had noticed that they rotate between some standard numbers, so you can still store them as spam. But in the voicemail system, you just get a message indicating the number of the caller. So now, I get a spam calls rite in the middle of my all important meet, and while chilling out after the hectic work, I end up payin Re1 / min hearing the spam recordings that chose to be so strategically timed.

There are times when, after something annoying, you sit back and think: 'how did that happen'.

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